HPT and Performance Improvement Campaign

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HPT was a breath of creative fresh air.

Now that we had had a solid understanding of ADDIE under the rigorous and experienced eye of Saul Carliner, we were ready to move on to think about systems more broadly.

I imagined it was going to be easier. That definitely was not the case. Designing a course in Instructional Design is difficult, in that it requires precise tasks and hours of revising vocabulary to get it just right. Human Performance Technology is an exercise in trying to figure out what isn’t on the page. You are not given a precise solution that you must execute (create a training course). Instead, you must think about every possible environmental factor that may be obstructing success, causing bottlenecks, and limiting performers. The most consistent feeling that tarries along during the course of the project, is the notion that you might be missing something. Luckily, with the help of a supportive community of peers, and some much needed feedback, I felt that by February, my partner and I might have just had a grip on something solid.

Both Michael Di Giacomo and I knew that the Ed Tech program could spell doom for the unprepared, so we had decided early on to work together. I could not have asked for a better partner. Together, we decided to tackle the issue of Networking on campus, specifically in the Department of Education. We noticed that some events within the department had low turnout and set out to investigate the matter. the campaign we developed is one that I am quite proud of. To access the elements that make up the campaign, click here.

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